August 2015 - Alta Mere Oklahoma City

Life has us going in several directions not leaving us with any time to get anything vehicle related done. Here at Alta Mere we totally understand. That is why we have developed a window tinting installation system that actually allows us to do most cars in under one hour. That’s right, less than one hour….

In recent years, many homes and offices have used window tint because of its economic, environmental and safety benefits. If you’re trying to save money on maintenance costs, window tinting offers an effective solution. Tinting you windows allow you to enjoy the sunlight without any worries Reduction of harmful rays Furniture fabric will naturally fade…

front view of car headlights, showing off hood paint

A new car depreciates by as much as 11 percent once it leaves the dealership lot, according to, a car buying website. Unfortunately, that percentage will only grow as the years go by. But what can you do as a car owner to combat the value of your vehicle dropping any further? You can…

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