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Close up look of a fresh layer of paint protection in Oklahoma City on a car

paint protection Oklahoma CityNo one wants to discover a scratch, scuff, chip, or stain in their car’s paint. But without paint protection, it’s only a matter of time before damage starts to build up and take the shine off of your vehicle. The solution? Paint protection from Alta Mere® Oklahoma City.

Our paint protection systems give drivers in Oklahoma City the perfect line of defense for automotive paint. We offer high-gloss, discoloration-resistant films, wrapping your vehicle in a protective, virtually invisible shield. Our paint protection films are precision cut to your vehicle’s exact dimensions and precision installed to eliminate bubbles, seams, and surface imperfections.

Protect Paint Against Oklahoma City’s Elements

You might be wondering just how resilient your paint protection system from Alta Mere Oklahoma City will be. While there’s no such thing as a damage-proof paint protection system, high quality films are surprisingly resistant to damage. Our paint protection films protect your car or truck from the most common causes of auto paint damage in Oklahoma City, including:

  1. Bug stains
  2. Bird droppings
  3. Tree sap
  4. Road grime
  5. Chemicals
  6. Mineral deposits
  7. Salt and sand
  8. Gravel
  9. Rocks
  10. Road debris

How Paint Protection Film Works

Paint protection from Alta Mere Oklahoma City shields your vehicle in two key ways…

First, it puts a protective layer between your paint and materials that cause stains or corrosion. This includes bug spatter, bird droppings, road grime, tree sap, minor chemical spills, mineral deposits, and road salt. So long as you regularly clean your vehicle to remove these materials, the protective film will prevent them from staining or corroding your paint job.

Second, it wraps your vehicle in a material that’s highly resilient to scratches, scrapes, scuffs, and other contact damage. Paint protection film is a highly elastic, polymer based material, so the most common causes of wear and damage — sand, grit, and gravel — simply bounce away without causing damage. It can even stand up to rocks that would normally take big chips of paint out of your car’s paint job.

Ready to add paint protection to your vehicle? Then it’s time for a visit to Alta Mere Oklahoma City. By choosing paint protection from Oklahoma City’s trusted automotive outfitters, you’ll have total peace of mind in the quality of your paint protection film and the team performing your installation.

Learn more about paint protection systems at Alta Mere Oklahoma City by calling (405) 692-2600 today.

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