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At Alta Mere® Oklahoma City, we feature a full range of window tinting services to area drivers. There are several benefits to window tinting that go beyond the cosmetic value, and our industry experts can help you choose the ideal package to make your time on the road more enjoyable.

Whether you’re looking to block out the harsh Oklahoma heat or simply protect yourself and your passengers from harmful UV rays, look no further than Alta Mere Oklahoma City for your window tinting needs. Our industry expertise and ability to deliver top-notch service has made us the first choice in window tinting for drivers in the Oklahoma City area.

How Our Window Tinting Services Help

The interior temperatures in a vehicle soar during the summers here in Oklahoma City, and our window tinting packages can help keep you and your passengers cool and comfortable. The tint will keep your vehicle’s interior temperatures down so your vehicle remains comfortable even when left in the sun. Window tinting can also block harmful UV rays from entering your vehicle and harming your skin and eyes. If you’re looking for relief from the sun while inside your vehicle, we can help.

Alta Mere Oklahoma City: Our Window Tinting Packages

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We offer several options for auto tinting. Our EconoPlus, ProShield and SolarCeramic packages offer something for drivers on any budget.

  • EconoPlus is our introductory offering and is perfect for any budget. It comes with a 3-year manufacturer warranty.
  • The ProShield option is our mid-grade option and comes with a manufacturer lifetime warranty.
  • The SolarCeramic option provides maximum heat and UV protection and also comes with a lifetime manufacturer warranty.

Tint comes in four shades ranging from light to ultra dark depending on the type of tinting you chose.

In addition to our auto tinting services, we also offer a range of available extras to increase the value of your vehicle’s new window tint. We offer windshield strips for improved visibility, express roll down service, and a warranty that covers the life of the window tint – it even covers replacement tint if the window is broken out.

To learn more about our window tinting packages, as well as the other services we offer area drivers, call Alta Mere Oklahoma City today at (405) 692-2600 or stop by our shop to talk to our experienced automotive experts.


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