Under the blazing sun on a hot day, your car can become a fiery sauna that even your AC unit can have trouble cooling down. Keep safe, cool and comfortable with auto glass tinting from Alta Mere Oklahoma City. Tinting is proven to reduce interior surface temperatures in your car and keep them from fading or cracking while also protecting skin from harmful Ultraviolet (UV) rays. These are just a few of the benefits our wide array of glass tinting options can provide. Alta Mere Oklahoma City’s 3-step process involves first choosing your auto glass tinting materials, then selecting your shade and finally picking any extras you are interested in adding on. We’ll work with you to help you choose all the options that work best for your needs. The selection process takes approximately one hour to complete.


Pick Your Package

  • EconoPlus – Perfect for any car on any budget, EconoPlus is our starter option that provides our light shade option and protection from high temperatures. It comes with a three year warranty.
  • ProShield – This package further enhances your Shade Choices and greatly reduces the interior temperatures in your vehicle. It is backed with a lifetime warranty.
  • SolarCeramic – The newest technology in window tinting to block out the most heat and harmful UV rays while also allowing you to choose a lighter shade if desired without giving up tint reflection. It is also backed by a lifetime warranty.

Tinting Shades




$20.00 additional


$30.00 additional


$40.00 additional

Choose Your Auto Tint Shade

Once you have decided on your package, it’s time to select a shade. At Alta Mere Oklahoma City, we offer 4 shades of auto tinting to choose from:

  • Light
  • Medium
  • Dark
  • Ultra Dark



Don’t want to wait to roll your windows down? This add-on will allow you to roll them down as soon as you leave $29.00


Tired of squinting while driving into direct sunlight? This add-on will eliminate the glare. $39.00


This warranty covers all of life’s little accidents: scratches, nicks, tears, and even tint replacement if your window is broken out. $49.00

Customize Your Auto Glass Tinting

Finally, the final step in your auto glass tinting customization involves choosing any of our outstanding extras. These include:

  • Add a windshield strip to protect your eyes in direct sunlight and reduce glare to keep you from squinting to see where you are going.
  • Our express roll down option allows you to immediately roll your windows down as soon as you leave.
  • Our no fault warranty allows you to breathe easy, knowing any small nicks, tears, or scratches will be covered. This includes tint replacement if your whole window is broken out.

More Reasons to Choose Auto Glass Tinting from Alta Mere Oklahoma City

When you hit the beach, you make sure to safeguard your skin from harmful UV rays by lathering up with sunscreen. While you may not think about it, you also are exposed to these same UV rays while in an automobile. The effects of these are cumulative and can age your skin dramatically or, even worse, lead to skin cancers. That is why it is critically important to ensure you have ample protection. All auto glass tinting from Alta Mere Oklahoma City blocks out up to 99% of these rays. Through our many auto glass tinting options at Alta Mere Oklahoma City, we customize your ride to match your style. Whether it be in invisible window films or in stylish different shades, our experienced crew knows how to personalize your vehicle for your lifestyle. If it’s security you’re after, our darker shades can block out prying eyes from seeing the valuables stored in your vehicle, deterring theft. Would-be thieves also know that properly installed auto glass tint is harder to break into and will probably move onto an easier target. All our auto glass tinting employs state-of-the-art computerized film cutting to custom fit your vehicle. Ready to experience the Alta Mere Oklahoma City difference? Give us a call at 405-692-2600 for more information on how our glass tinting services can benefit you and your automobile.