Oklahoma City carries a variety of truck bed covers for many makes and models. When you use your vehicle for hauling, you can trust that our truck bed covers will keep your goods safe. Truck bed covers can also help deter theft.

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Options for Truck Bed Covers:


Roll-N-Lock Truck Bed Covers

Built on Roll-N-Lock®’s time-tested M-Series™ platform, the new Roll-N-Lock E-Series™ of truck bed covers embodies all of the quality and design characteristics of the M-Series, yet incorporates several revolutionary enhancements. From their easy clamp-on installation, laminated cover construction and patented tailgate locking mechanism, to the ultracompact housing size and rugged durability, these truck bed covers are sure to impress.


TruXedo Low Pro QT Truck Bed Covers

Featuring a sleek, low-profile appearance, these truck bed covers boast a number of top-of-the-line features, including:

  • Patented Auto Tension Control
  • Easy Trigger Latch
  • Quick and Easy Installation
  • Floating Attachment System
  • Exclusive Side & Corner Sealing


Undercover SE Truck Bed Covers


Undercover SE Lux Truck Bed Covers

Truck Bed Covers

Constructed out of top of line materials to provide you with a long lasting product, the frame of these truck bed covers is built out of heavy duty anodized aluminum and the tarp out of durable double coated vinyl. The vinyl is UV resistant and can withstand a beating without any lasting effects occurring.

Get a Stylish Appearance With Truck Bed Covers

It’s time to stick out from the crowd and give your truck its own unique look with one of our truck bed covers. The many options of truck bed covers will give any truck a unique stylish look. Everything mounts is on the inside of the truck bed, providing you with a sleek appearance. Not only is everything hidden, but it has patented spring adjustments. Because of this patented design, no matter what climate you’re in, your tonneau cover or other truck bed covers will remain tight and smooth looking.

Add Security With Truck Bed Covers

No one likes opening their truck bed and pulling out wet cargo. With truck bed covers, you won’t have to worry about that happening. Truck bed covers offer great security against Mother Nature and from thieves. The cover features a 4 way sealing system and secures down with velcro strips that run the entire length of the truck bed. For maximum security, there is a rear latching system that locks into place and can only be opened after opening your tailgate.

Secure your Cargo

The Cargo Manager will keep your bed organized and your cargo will not shift during transportation. It is lightweight and easy to carry, yet it is also built strong to get the job done.

For more information about our truck bed covers, call (405) 896-8089 and speak with an expert at Alta Mere Oklahoma City today.

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