Alta Mere Oklahoma City: GPS Tracking Sales and Installation

Keeping track of your vehicle when you aren’t in the driver’s seat is important. Whether your vehicle has multiple drivers, you’re letting your kids take it to the lake for the weekend, or you simply want to add another layer of theft prevention, we’ve got you covered. At Alta Mere® Oklahoma City, we have the industry expertise and cutting-edge technology to help you keep tabs on your vehicle. We help vehicle owners protect their investment with GPS installation services. Our range of advanced products and service have made us one of Oklahoma City’s leading GPS retailers.

Oklahoma City’s First Choice in GPS Tracking

GPS tracking from Alta Mere Oklahoma City offers both business owners and the average car owner added protection. GPS systems are popular with businesses that own a fleet of vehicles they want to keep track. Many families opt for GPS tracking for teens, elderly parents, or just for added safety. Some of the reasons GPS tracking systems have become popular include:

  • Speed tracking. Monitoring your vehicle’s speed, especially if you have family, friends, or new drivers using your vehicle, can help ensure safe use of your vehicle. Our advanced GPS systems can give you the rundown of your vehicles speed during operation, so you can make sure your vehicle is being driven safely.
  • Location tracking. Tracking your vehicle via GPS can come in handy with more than just finding your car in the parking lot after a Sooners game. Having a GPS tracking system on your car can help track it down after a theft, which can be the difference between retrieving your vehicle and having it lost forever. Tracking your vehicle can also help you monitor your children’s behavior while using your vehicle.
  • Geofencing. Geofencing places a virtual perimeter around a geographic area and alerts you when your vehicle leaves that area. This alert can allow you to rest easy while being able to respond quickly if your vehicle leaves the specified area.

Monitoring, safety, theft prevention – our GPS systems offer a comprehensive approach to keeping your vehicle safe and under control. We offer some of the most technologically advanced vehicle tracking systems available today, including our VIPER VSM350 GPS system with geofencing, speed tracking, and vehicle location.

GPS Tracking devices are also great for monitoring teenage drivers.

Ready to get started with Oklahoma City’s experts in GPS tracking? Visit our team at Alta Mere Oklahoma City or give us a call at (405) 692-2600 to speak with one of our experienced product specialists and learn more about our GPS tracking services.


This Viper GPS SmartStart system/module offers virtually unlimited range. Enjoy features such as location and speed tracking, GEO Fencing, and **keyless entry.  Must have compatible Viper system.

Installed: $299.00*

*annual service fee is required

**vehicle must be equipped with power locks.