Viper Keyless Entry remotes by their box


This entry level Viper Keyless Entry model offers two 4-button remotes in its 3-channel *keyless entry system. Enjoy up to 1,500 feet range, parking light flash confirmation, and Clone-Safe Code-Hopping.

Optional: horn honk and trunk release

SmartStart compatibility!

Installed: $149.00

*vehicle must be equipped with power locks.

FAQs About Keyless Entry Solutions

Does my car already have a keyless entry system installed?

If you have just purchased a vehicle that doesn’t have a key fob or remote and you’re unsure if it has an existing keyless entry system, you can find out by supplying a dealer with your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number).

How can I get  my car keyless entry-equipped?

You cannot simply purchase a remote opener for keyless entry. You’ll need a keyless entry system installed by a professional first.