As trusted automotive outfitters, Alta Mere® Oklahoma City is your source for keyless entry installations. A keyless entry system makes locking and unlocking your vehicle remotely as easy as pressing a button, offering a level of ease and convenience that today’s drivers need in their vehicles.

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Why Install a Keyless Entry System?

A keyless entry installation from Alta Mere Oklahoma City offers a number of convenient advantages for Oklahoma City vehicle owners. Just a few of the reasons you might want to purchase a keyless entry system for your vehicle include:

  • Unlock your vehicle at the click of a button, instead of fumbling with keys every time you need to get in your car.
  • Easier access to your vehicle when your hands are full with groceries or other items.
  • Lock your vehicle from up to 1,500 feet away, without having to walk all the way back to your parking space in case you forgot.
  • Parking light flash confirmation lets you know when you’ve successfully locked your vehicle.

Viper Keyless Entry remotes by their boxViper 412V Keyless Entry Technology

Alta Mere Oklahoma City performs keyless entry installations with the Viper 412V keyless entry system. This system offers all of the standard features that drivers expect in a modern keyless entry system, along with the reliable performance that Viper products are known for. The 412V system can also be upgraded with a range of add-on options, including open-trunk, remote-horn-activation, and remote starter capabilities.

OKC’s Trusted Automotive Outfitters

Getting started with a keyless entry system takes more than just picking up a remote and pressing a button. It also requires professional installation of the system itself. As with any installation that modifies your vehicle’s functionality, it’s important that you can trust the team installing your keyless entry system. At Alta Mere Oklahoma City, our team of automotive outfitters offers the experience, workmanship, and expertise you want for keyless entry installation. We specialize in vehicle system upgrades, and we treat every vehicle we service as if it’s our own.

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