A car is one of your biggest investments, which is why, when it comes to securing it, you can’t be too safe.  At Alta Mere, we understand that alarms and remotes might be an accessory but to you they are a necessity. Choosing the right security system for you and your vehicle can be confusing but the experts at Alta Mere can help determine the best system for your needs:

Consider the Features

What features are you looking for in an auto alarm or security system? Do you want a remote starter, door lock control, priority unlock, window controls, etc. There are so many features to pick from that it might be best to decide what you don’t want.

Consider the Cost

Do you have a certain budget in mind? Some security systems come with more add ons which can increase the cost. It helps to determine a budget before deciding on a specific system.

Consider the Installation

There are many auto security systems on the market today which state they are DIY products, but unless you are a professional, we don’t recommend messing with your car’s electronic components.

Consider the Benefits

Did you know that cars with a beefed up security system are eligible to receive discounts from their insurance providers? Insurance companies base their risk assessment on many different safety and security factors, including if your vehicle has a security system.

Consider Your Own Security

What level of car security system are you looking for? Do you need to simply need to protect yourself from break in’s or do you need a remote starter feature for when you are leaving from work late. By determining the level you need we can help you pick the right system for you.

Car Security Options:

  • Remote Panic
  • Door Protection
  • Dual Vehicle Capability
  • Active / Passive Arming
  • Anti Scan Technology
  • Magnetic Shock Sensor
  • Dual Stage Impact Sensor
  • Anti Code Grabbing
  • Impact Sensor
  • Motion and Perimeter Sensor
  • Glass Breakage
  • Ignition Disable
  • Back up battery with paging system
  • Tool Box protection
  • Tailgate protection

At Alta Mere – we are dedicated to helping our customers protect their vehicles and the contents inside from theft.  Our car security experts can help give you guidance for your particular vehicle.

For more information about our car security products, find an Alta Mere location near you.

FAQs About Car Security

What is an ignition disabler?

An ignition disabler is an integrated car safety feature, designed with your needs in mind. The way it works is simple: In the event of a carjacking or auto theft, the ignition will safely turn off after a short distance. Using state-of-the-art technology, this security product keeps your car more secure than ever.

How does a motion / perimeter system work?

Unlike a traditional car alarm, which is triggered by actual contact, a motion/perimeter system provides heightened security. Its more sensitive sensor works to survey the area surrounding your car while it is parked. If anything from an alteration in vehicle mass to a close presence is detected, the alarm can be triggered. Because of this, it is important to have the sensor’s sensitivity adjusted appropriately.