If you’re looking for smartphone-enabled keyless entry, Alta Mere® Oklahoma City has the perfect system for your vehicle: Viper SmartStart. In our opinion, SmartStart is far and away the best smartphone system on the market today. It offers ease of use, peace of mind, and an extensive list of features across a range of different models.

Keyless entry is one of SmartStart’s most popular options, representing a substantial upgrade over push-button keyless entry systems. Oklahoma City drivers who are looking for the convenience of keyless entry won’t find a more convenient or functional choice than a SmartStart system.

smartphone and keyless entry in Oklahoma CitySmartStart Keyless Entry

SmartStart offers all of the usual features and benefits of a keyless entry system. Instead of fumbling for keys when your hands are full, you can unlock your car at the push of a button. Instead of walking all the way back to your vehicle when you forget to lock the door, you can secure your vehicle remotely. And instead of seeing scratches build up around your vehicle’s locks, you can keep your paint job pristine.

But SmartStart offers much, much more. Here are three key ways that SmartStart stands out from other keyless entry systems offered at Alta Mere Oklahoma City:

  • Better Range. Unlike traditional systems, which are usually limited to a few hundred feet in range, SmartStart has a virtually unlimited range, making it easy to lock or unlock your vehicle at any distance.
  • Improved Security. With a traditional push-button remote system, anyone who steals your remote can unlock your vehicle. If your smartphone is passcode-protected or fingerprint-secure, thieves will have no way to access the SmartStart app.
  • Enhanced Features. Keyless entry is just one of the many features available through SmartStart. SmartStart systems include capabilities like remote start, vehicle status alerts, GPS functionality, geo-fencing, and the next generation of automotive security.

Oklahoma City’s Source for SmartStart Installations

As Oklahoma City’s automotive outfitters, Alta Mere Oklahoma City offers everything you need to get started with SmartStart keyless entry. We carry three different SmartStart systems with keyless entry capabilities: the VSM350, the VSS4X10, and the VSS5X10. Please note that these systems require power locks in your vehicle to enable keyless entry.

Our staff will be more than happy to help you choose between these systems. The team at Alta Mere Oklahoma City are experts on SmartStart and other Viper products, making it easy to find the right keyless entry system for your vehicle.

Learn more about SmartStart’s capabilities — including keyless entry — by visiting Alta Mere Oklahoma City today or by calling us at 405-692-2600.