While there are many companies in Oklahoma City offering window tinting, there is only one Alta Mere. Whether it’s for your vehicle, residence or commercial facility, Alta Mere Oklahoma City is the window tinting company for you. We are proud to offer our customers an excellent, cutting-edge line of products backed by the most experienced staff.

Alta Mere started in Ft. Worth Texas as a company focused on window tinting. We have not only expanded to include our location in Oklahoma City, but have fine-tuned our production systems and improved our quality in our ongoing quest to be the best.

Combining a wide-range of excellent products with professional installation experts allows Alta Mere Oklahoma City to stand out from the many companies offering window tinting services. We are the largest high-tech automotive window tinting specialist in America and have garnered a reputation as the country’s leading automotive specialty store.

Energy Efficient

Whether you need assistance keeping morning and evening commutes glare-free or you want to make your residence or commercial space more energy efficient, window tinting can help. Our window tinting can be custom tailored around your unique aesthetic requirements. We offer a variety of film grades and tint colors in an effort to help you find the best window tinting match.

Anti-glare & Heat Resistant

During summertime, interior car temperatures can get uncomfortably hot, making your travel experience less than desirable. By the same token, untreated building windows can allow inside temperatures to get too warm for comfort. The solution for these seasonal nuisances? Window tinting services.


Some of the many ways our window tinting stands leads the industry includes:

  • A Professional, Expertly Trained Sales Staff
  • Computer Cut and Custom-Fit Patterns
  • Lifetime Warranties
  • One Hour Installation

While Alta Mere Oklahoma City’s products and services have expanded over the years, what started it all was our company’s window tinting services. Today, we are still just as dedicated to providing superior window tinting for homes, businesses and vehicles of all makes and models.

So, why should you tint your windows? You might be surprised at the long list of benefits.

Let’s start with the Ultraviolet (UV) ray protection window tinting can offer you. Whether it’s sitting in your car or nearby the windows in your home or office, you are still being exposed to potentially harmful UV rays. When you head out for a day at the beach, you are probably sure to apply and reapply sunscreen. Tinting your windows is providing a shield between your skin and the sun. This can reduce cracking and aging of your skin and even prevent the development of skin cancers.

Keeping cool, especially under the scorching sun of summer, can be a difficult task. Sitting in a hot car waiting for your AC to stop blowing hot air in your face or fanning yourself at your desk are not pleasant scenarios. Block out over 80% of direct sunlight and keep cool and comfortable.

Window tinting also adds a layer of privacy and security. You can sleep easier knowing there are no prying eyes looking into your car, home or office thanks to Alta Mere Oklahoma City ‘s varying degrees of tinted film.

Give us a call at 405-692-2600 and setup your appointment for window tinting. Strapped for time? No worries. We can generally get you in-and-out in an hour or less. And while you wait, enjoy our complimentary Wi-Fi, grab a free beverage and relax. You’re in the best hands in the business with Alta Mere Oklahoma City.

FAQs About Window Tinting

Does window tinting inhibit vision?
AThe darker window tinting material can inhibit your vision at night. This is one reason most states have enacted laws permitting only certain window tinting products be applied. Window tinting material providing a light transmission of 35% or higher generally will not affect vision – day or night. To learn more about the window tinting laws in your state, contact your nearest Alta Mere today!
What causes window tinting to bubble?
AWindow tinting can bubble due to damaging UV rays and excessive heat build-up affect the adhesive system. You don’t have to worry about this issue with window tinting treatments from Alta Mere, however. The major window tinting manufacturers that we work with have a high-temperature adhesive system and 99% of UV protection capabilities. This allows us to give a manufacturer-backed guarantee against bubbling of window tinting.